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EMS Funding Problems

The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone this past year.

As Haleigh Dibetta reports this includes first responders who continue to face a number of challenges.

Aside from the mental and emotional toll this pandemic has taken on first responders, it’s also hit them hard financially. And they’re asking for the communities help so they can continue to help them.

When a call for help comes in first responders spring into action, but with the coronavirus pandemic even that has changed

“Funding is critical it goes to operational expenses, operational equipment, maintenance, keeping everything on the road, training and certification ”

Terry Ruparcic, the manager of Conemaugh Township EMS, says those calls for help have been few and far between since march, he believes people are afraid to be near front line workers. And fewer calls means less money for the department

“The full suit and the n95 mask is maybe in the $25 range every time a crew goes out of here times two people so that’s another $50 revenues down over $80,000”

Whether there are financial woes or not these men and women are still here to protect you a job that is now even harder amid the pandemic

“The crew would get dressed in PPE full suits before they respond to the call so that they’re protected while they’re there. that delays response a little bit, it’s harder to work in those suits they’re very warm, they don’t have a lot of traction on the bottom of the feet it makes things quite a bit more difficult ”

This is where you can help Conemaugh Twp. EMS and the Windber Fire Department have teamed up to hold a prize and cash giveaway. Proceeds will help fund each department. Whether the community helps a little or a lot. They want you to know they’ll always do their best to be there.

“We’re going to keep providing a high level of service to the residents no matter what but we do need the publics help operational costs are important to maintain operations ”

Tickets for that fundraiser are $40 and can be bought on either departments Facebook page until February 1st.


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