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Election Preparation

As Election Day grows closer, Officials say our State is ahead of the game, but they are anticipating a delay in the final Election results. Officials say the State is in the process of mailing out 2.8 Million Mail-in Ballots and 1.7 Million were already sent out. According to Secretary of State Kathy Bookvar, they received over 1.4 Million registration applications online compared to 2016, when they received only 800,000. Bookvar is encouraging people to vote early. She estimates there will be a delay for Counties to finalize Election Day results. Officials are urging Voters to vote early before November 3rd.

The effort to protect Mail-in voting safety is increasing as the deadline draws near. Former Johnstown area Congressman, Mark Critz, talked about Mail-in safety Wednesday, saying he’s part of VoteSafe Pennsylvania, a Bipartisan coalition endorsed by all five of the Commonwealth’s living former Governors advocating for secure Mail-in Ballots and safe in-person voting sites. The group is also educating Voters about what voting options are available to them. Critz says those who may have doubts based on what they hear from National Figures should keep in mind that it’s local people who run the Elections in their County. Tuesday is the deadline to apply for a Mail-in Ballot. It must be postmarked or returned to your County Election Office by 8pm on Election Day.

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