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Election Law Reform

In Harrisburg, Republicans in both the House and Senate are in the drivers seat in pushing for Reform of the State’s Election Laws. As expected, the Governor and Democrats are voicing more opposition to what’s being proposed.

Tuesday morning, a House Republican Bill proposing a host of Election Law changes was voted out of Committee and heads to the full House for a vote. House Democrats voted against the Bill claiming it would limit voting access. Governor Tom Wolf is vowing to Veto it because of a Voter ID provision.

Meanwhile over in State Senate, the Senate Special Committee on Election Integrity Report is released. Their suggested Election Law changes are somewhat similar to the House version. Mail-in Voting issues drawing added attention. Senator Jake Corman saying: “Some of the new ideas like Drop Boxes may make sense, but we should make sure we have the proper security. Around those drop boxes, they sorta came out of thin air by the Department of State, where there were no guidelines, no nothing.”

Centre County used more than half a dozen Ballot Drop Boxes last year. All were under scrutiny of surveillance cameras, plus Sheriff’s Department security measures. Its still uncertain if the State Senate will merely consider the House Bill for Election Reform or propose its own Legislation.

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