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Ebensburg Reunion

After COVID-19 kept Dan and Phyllis Wess apart since last March, they finally reunited Friday afternoon.

“I was a little nervous and excited to get here today. I could hardly wait. I’ve been looking through a glass for over a year,” Phyllis said.

Now, they’re saying goodbye to the glass and hello to more dance parties.

“We did a lot of dancing before. Too bad that walker is in our way,” Phyllis said.

That walker might still be in the way, but now, COVID-19 isn’t.

Dan stays at Cambridge Senior Living in Ebensburg where visitors haven’t been allowed inside until Friday.

April Adams, the Executive Director at Cambridge, said Phyllis has made many stops throughout the year to see Dan from the window.

“Before, they had to maintain social distancing. They couldn’t have any contact. Now, they can have contact and hug their loved ones. It’s very exciting,” Adams said.

Earlier this month, Dan and Phyllis got to embrace through a “Hug Booth” created by the Cambridge staff.

“Even though that vinyl piece was in front of them, they still got to have that contact they haven’t gotten to have in a year,” Adams said.

She said Friday’s happy moment was possible because their building has remained COVID-free throughout the pandemic.

“We had just a couple staff cases, but it never came down through to the residents. We’ve been very lucky,” she said.

Now every day, Dan and Phyllis can tell each other they love each other, in-person…

A bushel and a peck, and now also, with a hug around the neck.


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