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DUI Memorial

With many people out and about this weekend, the Pennsylvania DUI Association is reminding motorists not to drink and drive.

The association stopped in Ebensburg this morning with its moving memorial for those who have been killed by impaired drivers.

The memorial travels across the state, and inside are the more than 2,300 names of those whose lives have been taken by drunk drivers.

Program Director Craig Amos says the purpose of the memorial is to discourage driving under the influence, but unfortunately, he says they have to add names every year.

“We try to get that message out and as we said earlier, it’s changing,” Amos said. “I think everybody knows that drunk driving is bad, but we’re talking about all forms of impairment. We want to get drunk drivers off that roadway, and we would love to get to a point where we don’t have to add any more names to that trailer.”

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