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Duffalo Lawsuit

According to the civil rights action lawsuit filed last week by Mikayla Duffalo, on March 4th 2019 her father Michael Duffalo was arrested for a domestic disturbance at his home in Brockway.

The lawsuit says Duffalo was having a mental breakdown but authorities never gave him any medical treatment and took him to the Jefferson County Jail.

According to the lawsuit, Duffalo was then transferred to the Clearfield County Jail on a warrant that was issued for his failure to appear at court for misdemeanor theft charges.

Due to overpopulation at the Clearfield County Jail, the lawsuit states Duffalo stayed in the common area of the jail with no bed to sleep on.

On March 10,2019 around 6am during a routine prison check, the lawsuit says Duffalo was found dead in the common area hanging from a bedsheet tied to the ceiling.

This lawsuit states that both county Jails failed to give Duffalo the proper medical treatment he needed.

The plaintiff is demanding a trial by jury seeking all damages permissible in this wrongful death action lawsuit.

Dustin Myers, who became the warden months after this incident at the Jefferson County Jail, released this statement saying

“I have no knowledge about this case or the individual involved. He was only in Jefferson County Jail for 35 minutes.”

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