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Dubois Sandy Twp. Merger

After the Sandy Township Supervisors voted 4-1 against consolidating with DuBois, area residents started a petition to get their voices heard.

Sandy Township Supervisor Sam Mollica said it only took three days to get these petitions filled.

“With Sandy Township we got over 600 signatures and DuBois had over 300,” he said.

He said they needed 166 signatures from DuBois residents and 209 from Sandy Township residents to get the consolidation question on the ballot in the fall.

“I just wanted to give the people an opportunity to have a choice whether it’s yes or no to be able to vote,” said Mollica.

For Deb Mechling, she’s been a part of this fight since it first started in 2002.

“I think enough time has passed and as we talked about before, we already work together and live together. I think it’s time to pull the community together as one so that we can go forward,” she said.

Her along with three area residents worked to get the consolidation on the ballot in 2002 but the vote didn’t move forward.

This time around she’s hoping for a different outcome.

She asked those against consolidation this question, “What are you afraid of? Are you afraid of growth? Are you afraid of possibly your kids being able to stay in this area because there’s opportunity here for them to grow?”

Mollica said they next step is for the county solicitor to look over the ballot question.

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