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DuBois-Sandy Township Consolidation Petition

Despite Local Officials voting not to move forward with the DuBois-Sandy Township consolidation, area Residents are taking steps to have their voices heard. To merge or not to merge? That’s the question that’s been going around after the Sandy Township Supervisors voted against consolidating with the City of DuBois.

This week, a petition is being passed around in hopes of getting the consolidation question on the ballot in the fall election. DuBois Resident Debbie Mechling, who was out collecting signatures saying: “This is not a matter of whether you’re for consolidation or against consolidation, this is a matter of our constitutional right to have this on the ballot.”

Debbie Mechling says this fight dates back to 2002, where she and three other residents fought to get this on the ballot. On Tuesday, that fight continued on the corner of West Long Avenue in DuBois. DuBois resident Blaine Carr, who was also out collecting signatures saying: “The duplication of services is costing people money and everybody is afraid that it’s going to cost a lot more.”

Officials say they need 386 signatures to get the consolidation on the ballot, 166 of those coming from DuBois residents and 219 from Sandy Township. So far, they have 400 Sandy Township residents and 86 DuBois residents on the petition.

Mechling hoping for the best, adding: “We already are one community, why not actually be under one banner?”

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