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Dubois Receives CARES Act Funding

DuBois City was awarded $147,000 in CARES ACT funding. Officials said this money will help the city recover from COVID-19.

This $147,871 grant comes after Clearfield County was awarded $7.1 million in CARES ACT funding from the state.

Officials said this money has to be used for COVID-19 related expenses.

“I really want to thank Dave Glass, Tony Scotto, John Sobel the commissioners really stepped up by applying for the grant in the first place and distributing them out very fairly,” said Ed Walsh, DuBois City Mayor.

Since the pandemic, Ed Walsh said it hit the City of DuBois hard.

“Just about every department in the city, from the fire department to the police department has been impacted greatly,” he said.

The deadline to use this money is by December 31st of this year. But the Clearfield County Commissioners are fighting to extend that deadline.

Walsh agreed with this and said the more time they have to spend this money, the better.

“We’re looking at 6-8 months before we’re through this so businesses and governments are going to be impacted greatly for the next year, year and half, two years and beyond,” he said.

As of right now, Walsh and the city hasn’t figured out how they’ll allocate this money but he says it’ll help the city recover from COVID-19.

“It’s definitely a great help to us, the amount of tax dollars we lost this year because businesses shutting down impacted us greatly,” said Walsh.

Once they finalize the budget, Walsh said they’ll figure out how they plan to allocate this money.


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