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Dubois Man Facing Assault Charges

In an incident dating back to November of last year, authorities said Gong Yang Song, owner of Fusion Buffet in DuBois, tried to rape one of his female employees and tonight he’s facing multiple charges.

“The incident initially wasn’t reported immediately, there was some issues going on we needed to get some interpreters involved,” said Cpl. Orlando Prosper, DuBois City Police.

According to court documents on November 28, 2019, authorities were called to the 200 block of S. highland St in DuBois to investigate a stabbing.

Authorities said one of Gong Yang Song’s female employees stayed in this home with 11 other employees from Fusion Buffet.

On that morning, court documents said the victim locked herself in her bedroom 2:30 to 3:00 and she heard a noise and saw Song next to her.

The victim said she never gave him permission to enter the locked room but he had another key.

Authorities said Song touched the victim inappropriately, exposed himself to her and pinned her to bed.

They said the victim didn’t call police because she didn’t speak English.

The court documents go on to say that the Victim grabbed a knife from her nightstand and cut her own arm. Song then let her go and the victim left house and went to the hospital.

“There’s been other allegations but again nothing specific to this case,” said Cpl. Prosper.

In an interview with police, authorities said Song’s wife told police that her husband liked the victim a lot and went to her house to see her but all he remembers is the victim cutting her arm and driving her to the hospital.

Authorities said Song’s wife said her husband drinks a lot and forgets things but the victim says he appeared sober that night.

“Well currently it’s still an open and active investigation. Officer Stanton did a thorough investigation with the cooperation of the victim and Penn Highlands hospital and we elt that there was enough there to go ahead and file charges,” said Cpl. Prosper.

Song faces multiple charges included aggravated indecent assault without consent and criminal attempt to commit rape.

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