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Dry Ice Demand

Aside from the question of when Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine will be ready and approved for use in the U.S. and who will get the vaccine first, how it will be delivered and stored has also come into question.

Pfizer’s vaccine must be kept at minus 94 degree Fahrenheit, which is colder than a winter in Antarctica. Local healthcare facilities that don’t have the proper freezer to potentially store the vaccine have turned to an alternative solution, dry ice.

Ken Scott, the Branch Manager of Roberts Oxygen in Johnstown, says they’ve already received calls from people looking to buy dry ice from them ahead of a vaccine release. Scott says dry ice is just as effective as any freezer would be.

“Nursing homes, long term care facilities, pharmacies, hospitals, anyone who may be administering the vaccine has to put a plan in place on how they’re going to keep this vaccine at the correct temperature for storage,” said Ken Scott, Branch Manager of Roberts Oxygen Johnstown.

Scott says their facility can make up to 1,000 of dry ice an hour and even though they’re expecting the need for dry ice to increase he says they’re well prepared.

“As a company, we have the opportunity to provide a value solution to not only our local market but our regional market and other Roberts locations,” said Scott.

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