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Dr. Birx Visits State College

“Thank you, its good to back here at Penn State”

She says across the country, the rise in COVID-19 cases on university campuses is understandable,considering housing and other student environment factors. She suggests Penn State step up its testing programs, but adds many students have been quick to realize that measures like masking and social distancing can make a difference

“What we haven’t seen nationwide on campuses is very little classroom spread in terms of faculty or staff having the virus transfered from students”

The need for more Coronavirus testing one of Birx’s basic beliefs. She says the recent uptick in cases in many states is due to younger and older people mixing that a priority now should be getting ahead of what she terms COVID-19 silent spread

“And to do that we need more volunteers for testing,these could be our heroes,teachers,community college students whoever,stepping up to be tested to chart the silent spread before it impacts 50,60,70 and 80 year olds”

Birx says Penn State has agreed to ramp up testing and research. A total of 3,355 COVID-19 cases have been reported at University Park.

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