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Donald Trump Jr. Visits Johnstown

With about 40 days until election day, Donald Trump Jr. spoke to Trump supporters in Johnstown Wednesday and pushed for his father’s re-election.

People started lining up several hours before Trump Jr. took to the stage in front of several hundred people at the Roxbury Bandshell.

The president’s oldest son, says he’s confident an area that strongly supported his father four years ago, will come through again in November.

“We’ve had the best economy we’ve ever known, manufacturing coming back to America,” said Trump Jr.

Several hundred supporters came from near and far to see him.

“I love Trump, love everything he stands for and his agenda,” said Renae Billow.

“We’re here to support President Trump,” said Greg Wysong of Altoona.

“I was at the Trump rally in Pittsburgh so here to support the president,” said Paul Senecal from New York. “It was on the way back so figured I’d stop here too.”

Trump Jr. Talked about his dad’s success, and his grievances with how the media have viewed him.

And took several shots at his dad’s opponent.

“If this were a Biden rally, he’d say it’s great being in Alaska,” Trump Jr. said.

In a one-on-one interview , Trump Jr. said Biden has a history of failed policies.

“Remember Obama, Biden said there is no magic wand to do the things Trump wants to do like build the economy, grow your 401K, bring jobs back to America, create American manufacturing,” Trump Jr. said. “Joe Biden has done the opposite — he’s supported the worst polices in the history of America.”

We asked Trump Jr., given the current political climate and the divisiveness that is pervasive across the country, if there is room anymore for discussion and middle ground.

“I think there is always room for discussion,” Trump Jr. answered. “I’m here today. It would be nice if Joe Biden had discussions. There is plenty of room for dialogue when they start acting honestly about the other side because Joe Biden gets away with things I’d never get away with.”

We also asked him if we’d see his father in Johnstown before election day:

“I imagine so, I think you’re going to see him here all the time. Pennsylvania is an important state.”

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