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DOH COVID-19 Update

We begin tonight with the latest in coronavirus related headlines in the state Pennsylvania Department of Health reporting that there are 73 more cases today than yesterday.

So locally Centre County is reporting 90 new cases.

Cambria is behind that with 79.

Clearfield follows at 76.

Blair reports 57,

Somerset has 41.

There are 28 new cases reported in Jefferson County.

25 in Bedford, ten new cases in Huntingdon,

Elk County reports eight,

Cameron has five.

Today, health officials also announced that there were 259 new COVID related deaths statewide. 42 come from our region. There are ten new deaths in Blair County. seven in Jefferson. six deaths in Cambria and Somerset. five deaths
in Bedford and Clearfield.

And one new death each in Huntingdon, Elk and Centre Counties.

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