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Dignified Transfer

The United States carried out a Defensive Airstrike in Afghanistan on Sunday, targeting a suspected ISIS-K vehicle — according to a U.S. Defense Official. This comes as the remains of Service Members killed at Thursday’s bombing in Afghanistan were brought back to the U.S.

President Joe Biden attended his first Dignified Transfer since he took office in January. Thirteen flag-draped cases carrying the remains of the Service Members killed in a terror attack outside the Kabul Airport gates were returned to the U.S. Sunday. Eleven of the Service Members were Marines, one was an Army Soldier and one was a Navy Corpsman. Their ages ranged from 20-years-old to 31.

Retired Lt. Gen. Mark Hertling saying: “It’s just tragic that all of these young military folks lost their life at such a young age but they will always remain at that age to the family members and to the friends. That’s one of the harshest parts, just the loss and the grievance and the starting of the phases of grief.”

These were the first U.S. Troops killed in hostile action in Afghanistan since February 2020. Lt. Gen. Hertling adding: “We know inherently that war, unfortunately, causes the loss of life and the sacrifices but a ceremony like this just really drives all that home.”

After leaving Dover, President Biden mentioned the Service Members while at FEMA Headquarters to receive a briefing on Hurricane Ida. President Biden saying: “We met with the families of 13 fallen heroes in Afghanistan who lost their lives in the service of our country and while we’re praying for the best in Louisiana, let’s keep them in our prayers as well.”

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