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DHS Money For Autism &Mental Disabilities Services

According to Teresa Miller, Secretary of Human Services, tomorrow over $400 million will be distributed to intellectual disabilities and autism service providers.

A breakdown of that funding includes:

-$245 million to nursing facilities in two one-time payments:

-$8 million to patients who receive necessary ventilator or tracheotomy care during the 3rd quarter of CY 2019

-$140 million to providers of personal assistance services to be split between agency and participant-directed service providers in the Office of Long-Term Living’s programs.

-$50 million to assisted living residences and personal care homes.

-$45 million will be allocated based on facilities’ occupancy during their last inspection prior to April 1, 2020.

-$5 million will be distributed based on the number of individuals living at the facility who received SSI payments during March 2020.

-$13 million to adult day care services, an additional $1 million to residential rehabilitation

-$50 million to CHS, community health services

-$10 million to LIFE Program providers based on the organization’s total amount reimbursed for long-term care managed care for the first quarter of CY 2020.

To combat struggles that came with the pandemic, the DHS developed the Office of Long Term Living and the Office of Developmental Programs.

The Office of Long term living supports individuals with physical disabilities and older adults with their long term care needs.

The Office of Developmental Programs, known as the ODP, supports over 56,000 individuals with an intellectual disability, developmental disability or autism.

Miller says the ODP operates four state centers for individuals with disabilities, none of those individuals tested positive for COVID-19.

Miller says they will continue to maintain these strategies to prevent the spread of the

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