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DCNR Firefighters Come Home

The Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources sent an incident management team to Idaho to battle wildfires in the region.

Today, after a month of service, the PA Blue IMT unit made its way home to the Commonwealth.

“Oh, I’m super proud, they all did fantastic and I think we all worked really good together as a team,” said Robin Regester, the Finance Section Chief.

After many tiring weeks of taking on wildfires in the Pacific Northwest, the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources has returned home.

“It’ll be nice to relax,” said Brian Plume, the Operations Section Chief. “It’s been a long, long time, so it’ll be nice to…nice to get a little rest and just relax.”

Regester says that because of wildfires happening all over the Western US, their help was greatly needed.

“The people out there were, were very grateful that, that we went because there are so many fires going on thatthere just weren’t any teams that they could get.”

She says the Pennsylvania team dealt with two major fires in Idaho.

“The first one was called the Snake River Complex in Craigmount [Craig Mountain Forest Protective District] and the other one was the Cougar Rock Complex up outside of Orofino.”

The crew of about a dozen people working in an area where drought conditions made it harder to put out the flames as vegetation died and dried out…but the work was worth it.

“I think everybody did a really good job, everybody had to pitch in, you know, do stuff that was, was above and beyond, do stuff that wasn’t in their rolejust to get the job done, so it was, everybody did an awesome job,”

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