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David Taylor Appearance

David Taylor is an Olympic wrestler and gold medalist, and he’s from right here in our area. A graduate of Penn State University and he went to a ceremony in Centre County today to celebrate his triumph in Tokyo.

Douglas Braff met him and has the story while the Sun isn’t shining today. David Taylor’s Gold Medal certainly is, as well as the smiles of his hometown fans. Olympian David Taylor The Magic Man, as he’s called, is home in Centre County.

While at Penn State, Taylor wrestled for the Nittany Lions before going international in Tokyo this summer. Taylor beat Iranian Hassan Yazdani. He was down only to come back in the final 17 seconds with a thrilling take down to win the gold for Team USA.

Now Taylor is back to meet adoring fans and share the gold with his hometown.

“When I first came to Penn State, I didn’t know anybody, you know, I just followed the coaching staff here, and I knew this is a place that could help me achieve all the goals that I had in my life.”

“You know, collegiate and post-collegiate know to be able to do that here and be able to share that moment with these fans and people that have supported me for such a long period of my life. It’s pretty special.”

At the event, Taylor mingled with eager fans, snapped pictures with them and gave out his John Hancock. Taylor also says that after having another daughter with his wife, he is glad to be living a normal life with his family.

“I mean, I’m just excited and my family has just been such an integral part of my success, you know, so my wife has been we’ve been together for a long time and she’s just kind of like my rock.”

“You know, she’s the one that’s supporting me and helping with everything. And now, obviously, we always joked that I was her first child, you know, and then now we have, we have two more. So it’s just I’m just very blessed.”

While he’s living his best life in training at home in Pennsylvania for the time being, the magic man’s next stop Paris.

“Yeah, that’s the plan. You know, for me, it’s I love to repeat, you know, as a gold medalist in 2024, so it’s it’s come around quick what the delay meant of the Olympics.”

“You know, it’s going to be four years, but we’re really we’re less than three years away from the next Olympics now. So probably two and a half years from making the next Olympic team. So that’s that’s not true.”

It’s not that far away. Let’s hope the Magic Man brings home the gold again next time. Reporting from Storm Sound, I’m Douglas Braff.


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