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Dangerous Snow Piles

We’ll tell you everybody involved in this story, happily is ok. Involved in this story in this case is kid playing in the snow,and a long time snow plow operator

Jacob Leonard ,works for State College Borough and has operated snow plows for close to thirty years

“Just be careful,there can be kids in there”

He’s talking about a plowing incident just last week in the College Height’s neighborhood of State a culdesac he knew there was still some snow piled up in the middle of the street. Watch,and listen what happens next

“Hey kid are you in there you gotta come out”

There was a young boy in a tunnel,under all that snow

“I saw him run across before and I figured he dived in a tunnel, so as an educational moment i took my phone out and took some video”

Leonard says he stopped and talked to the boy, and to the parents who were grateful,and adds he’s very thankful it didnt happen during night time plowing

The incident also demonstrates the importance of when snow emergencies are declared in communities,to move your vehicles off of public streets to help plow crews,with plow crew saying that helps them greatly with visibility issues

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