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Cresson Car Show

The coronavirus pandemic disrupted many festivals and events over the last year, including a number of car shows across the coverage area.

However, with life beginning to seem more normal by the day, those shows can return, and some even start anew.

One such show happened today, as the Blair County Antique Auto Club crossed into Cambria County to host the inaugural Cresson Car Show.

Over 160 cars of different models, makes and ages were on display on Front Street this afternoon.

With crowd limits mask and mandates in the rearview mirror for now, car enthusiasts like Ken Wills can show off their toys.

“It’s what I do. I, I don’t golf, I don’t fish, I don’t hunt, we do, we do cars, car shows, parts shows,” said wills, who has been a member of the blair county antique auto club for several decades. “It becomes your life.”

The club’s President, Bob Risbon, says having something like this can get people of all ages to come to town.

I will tell you this – when, when we came to Cresson and went to their meeting and asked if we could have the car showthe amount of people that was there, I thought they were going to give us a standing ovation,” he recalled. “They were so happy and we were happy too.”

The club’s members were hoping to get just a few dozen cars in to show. They ended up getting a whole lot more.

“Look, look at it, we’re pushing 150-plus,” Wills said.

Risbon says the pandemic has given car owners even more appreciation for their rides.

“We enjoy driving the old cars getting the looks on them andthe thumbs up and all the compliments, we love it, that’s what we live for and I can’t think of anything that, in my life, that I’d rather do than what I’m doing right now.”

Risbon added they hope to make this an annual experience.

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