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COVID Insurance

According to the Director of testing and contact tracing Dr.Michael Huff, this 4 tiered COVID-19 testing approach applies for two different testing capabilities.

A PCR test, which he says is the gold standard but the turn around time has it’s challenges. And the antigen test, which he says is widely available with same day results but there are challenges with accuracy.

“Tier 1 priority, or the highest priority for testing is hospitalized individuals with symptoms of COVID-19, symptomatic individuals who are in close contact with a postive case of COVID-19 and asymptomac individuals who are also clsoe contacts to positive case of COVID-19”

“Tier 2 priority of testing applies to all individuals with COVID-19 symptoms, close contacts with confirmed cases and asymptomatic individuals that work in congregate care, health care and correctional facilites.”

“Tier 3 priority is based on the COVID-19 prevalence in the community for asymptomatic individuals who work in areas that have frequent individuals and may not have the ability to maintain six feet on a basis”

Tier 4 priority includes individuals who are asymptomatic who do not fall in the any of these categories.

As testing evolves, Dr.Huff says he must ensure that the most suitable types of tests are being administered to Pennsylvanians.

“We will continue to refine our approach based on scientific evidence and input from the communities”

State officials said all Pennsylvanians deserve to have access to COVID-19 testing without worrying about how much it will cost them.

According to Jessica Altman, the state’s insurance commissioner, for those already with comprehensive medical insurance, she said testing is covered without any of pocket costs.

But for those who don’t have insurance because their employment was affected by the pandemic she said there are other options.

She said they can secure coverage through the Affordable Care Act Marketplace, Medical Assistance, Children’s Health Insurance Program and COBRA.

Altman also said the state’s new health insurance marketplace, Pennie provides affordable comprehensive health insurance plans.

She said open enrollment for Pennie begins on November 1st for next year’s coverage.

“If you experience a significant life change which includes the loss of other insurance coverage such as losing insurance through your job you may be eligible for a special enrollment period to secure coverage right now and this coverage will be more affordable than COBRA,” said Jessica Altman, State Insurance Commissioner

To learn more about these insurance options head to the state’s insurance website.

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