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COVID-19 Update September 26th

Here’s a look at the latest Coronavirus numbers in the State. The Department of Health added 1,029 Coronavirus cases to it’s statewide totals, the number of cases closing in on 150,000 since the start of the Pandemic. 22 More reported Coronavirus related deaths in PA brings the death toll to 8,103. The seven day average in cases stands at 770. The recovery rate stands at 82%.

Of the 195 new cases in our viewing area, Centre County reported 162 of those cases. They’ve reported more cases in the last two weeks than Blair and Cambria Counties have reported during the entire Pandemic combined. Blair reported 19, Cambria had 7, Somerset had 3, Clearfield had 2 and Huntingdon and Jefferson each reported 1 additional case. Elk’s total was subtracted by 1.

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