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COVID-19 Update November 21st

Pennsylvania broke it’s single day record for new Coronavirus cases several times over the last week. While they were not record breaking, Saturday’s numbers remained in that territory. The Department of Health added 6,778 Coronavirus cases to it’s Statewide totals, as Pennsylvania surpassed 300,000 cases since the start of the Pandemic. Those additional cases moved the 7 day average to 6,089.

112 more COVID-19 related deaths were reported by the Commonwealth. It’s the first time in 6 months Pennsylvania has reported over 100 deaths for four days in a row. The death toll stands at 9,801. 3,162 Patients are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 in PA, an all-time high for the Commonwealth.

658 new cases were reported in our viewing area. Somerset reported an increase of 200 new cases, Cambria reported 118, Blair reported 95, Centre reported 80, Clearfield reported 70, Bedford reported 34, Huntingdon 31, Jefferson 17, Elk 12, and Cameron reported one new case.

There were also an additional 15 deaths reported in our viewing area. Cambria reported 5, Blair reported 3, Bedford and Clearfield each reported 2, and Centre, Huntingdon and Jefferson each reported one additional death. That brings the local death toll to 209.

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