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COVID-19 Survivor Story

Alexis Striegel is a working wife and mom of two whose life turned around in mid November.

She said she got tested for COVID-19 on Tuesday, November 10th and immediately the next day, she felt sick.

“I had the typical fever, the vomiting, the diarrhea, the chills and the headache. Other than that it was a full 24 hours I woke up the next day which was a Thursday, I felt perfectly fine,” she said.

The upcoming Saturday, Striegel said her test came back positive for COVID-19, many emotions setting in.

“The first thing that went through my mind was oh my gosh I’m doing this alone, my husband is in Afghanistan right now,” said Striegel.

And then the realization of infecting family members…

“I’ve been around my grandparents and my grandparents are 70+ and the shear panic. I picked up the phone, I was balling and I called my grandmother and I said nan you and pop have to go get tested because I just tested positive for COVID I’ll never forgive myself if I infected the two of you,” she said.

After experiencing the COVID-19 symptoms that Wednesday, Striegel said everything was back to normal except for her sense of taste and smell.

She lost those senses on Sunday, November 15th and still hasn’t gotten them back since.

The doctors told her to just let it run it’s course.

“I even did longer than my 14 day quarantine because I have small children and they had to quarantine for 24 days,” said Striegel.

Thankfully both Striegel’s grandparents and children tested negative for COVID-19 but she’s warning Pennsylvanians to take this seriously.

“And the reality is, it’s very real and although it didn’t affect me in a bad way it could affect my loved ones in a much worse way and that’s what people fail to realize,” she said.


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