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COVID-19 Restrictions Lifting Memorial Day

Almost all COVID-19 Restrictions will be lifted on Memorial Day in Pennsylvania with the exception of the mask mandate for those not fully vaccinated. We spoke with a Restaurant Owner on Friday in Cambria County to see how they’re preparing for the change.

At the Corner Coffee Shoppe, both the Owner and Customers say they’re so excited for these restrictions to be lifted — because it’s like a light at the end of the tunnel. Our favorite Restaurants are beginning to look and feel like normal again after the Pandemic caused over a year of hardships. Owner of Corner Coffee Shoppe — John Riccilli saying: “I can actually remember the day that it first happened. It was pretty traumatic.”

But he said things are finally looking up since most COVID-19 Restrictions will be lifted on Memorial Day. Riccilli adding: “It almost seems like a nightmare that’s finally over.” The only COVID mitigation that’ll still be standing: wearing a mask. But John says you don’t have to wear one inside if you’re vaccinated.

They’re making changes to prepare for more Customers being allowed inside. Riccilli adding: “We do have tables in the shed. We’ll be bringing those back out.” But more Customers means more Employees. John said they have 42 Employees, but need five to seven more. But they’ve been a struggle to find, saying he thinks Unemployment might be to blame. Riccilli adding: “Some things have definitely got to change. If we could sooner than later get rid of that extra money.”

In the meantime, the Customers are just as happy as their Employees about the news. Mike Patrick, a Cambria County Resident adding: “It’s been really bad. All my friends feel the same way. We’re really glad that it’s starting to ease up.” Another Cambria County Resident Tom Haberkorn saying: “I’m glad to get things back to normal. People have been hanging around their houses too long. It’s time to get out and enjoy life again.”

Enjoying life again and heading to a more normal World. Riccilli, in closing saying: “This normalcy feels good. So, when you’re walking around and you can finally go into a place and not have to wear your mask, and see people smiling for real, it’s joyous.”

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