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Corl Street Elementary Mural

A State College Area elementary school unveiled a mural of student artwork Saturday afternoon.

Named “Future Forward,” the 24-foot wall mural inside State College Area School District’s Corl Street Elementary featured more than 400 pictures that students drew, after being given prompts and story books for artistic inspiration. The final product absolutely towered over all the young Michelangelos, observing their hard work.

The project was done in collaboration with Shannon Goff, an associate professor from the Pennsylvania State University’s School of Visual Arts, who is a Corl Street Elementary parent herself.

The mural was supposed to be unveiled before the pandemic, but she said that Covid instead “gave it a really meaningful charge.”

“I chose this wall because this hallway was sort of, kind of underrecognized and kind of dark, “And it was one of the only walls that the children would have access to, directly, as they would pass by.”

“For me, I just feel like there’s something really… powerful about taking something as fleeting, yet timeless, as a children’s drawing and concretizing it through this process.”

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