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Copley Trial Started Monday

The trial of Michael Copley who is accused of killing his wife Catherine began Today in Blair County court

Police later used search engine location data to identify that Michael Copley was at that garage around the time her body was supposedly hidden there.

In his opening statement, District Attorney Pete Weeks asserted that Michael and Catherine Copley had marital discord stemming from their quote,unquote open marriage, as her mother and sister fought back tears.

She allegedly performed sexual acts for her marijuana dealer on numerous occasions to obtain the drugs at a discount, while Michael made a number of passes at other women.

Several witnesses called to the stand, including two ex partners, one of which was an acquaintance of Michael’s, confirmed the Copley’s held a party at their house the night Catherine is believed to have died.

Those witnesses confirmed that one of Catherine’s such dealings with her dealer took place that night, as they waited outside the dealer’s home in a car for over forty minutes, and she told them
what had happened before they returned to Copley’s house.

Michael allegedly told people he suspected the dealer was responsible for Catherine’s disappearance…

But when the dealer was questioned, he denied seeing her again after that transaction, which he confirmed took place.

Stay with us this week as the trial unfolds.

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