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Copley Trial Enters Day Two

Today was the second day of testimony in the homicide case against Michael Copley for the killing of his wife Catherine

Dylan Huberman brings us the latest from inside the courtroom.

One of the lead investigators in the case was brought to the stand to begin this mornings proceedings.

His testimony lasted well over an hour and provided a timeline of events in the days following Catherine Copley’s death.

Copley was reported missing in December of 2015, and her body was found in an abandoned garage in an alley off of Pleasant Valley Boulevard in June of 2016.

The detective, who was employed by the Altoona Police Department at the time, described interviewing Catherine’s Marijuana Dealer and Michael Copley, among others, and their levels of cooperation.

He relayed that while Mr. Copley was initially cooperative and the dealer was not as forthcoming, the roles were switched as the investigation progressed, with Michael providing less and less

The two men who found Catherine’s body in the abandoned garage were then called to testify, saying they left a family member’s house via an alleyway off Pleasant Valley Boulevard when they spotted a tire in the middle of the road.

When they got out to move the tire, a bad smell nearby led them to the garage, where they located the body. They called a neighbor over to see the body, and called Altoona Police immediately after.

The officer who answered the call was also summoned for questioning, saying nobody knew how, or when, the body got there.


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