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Copley Trial Day 3

The trial of Michael Copley for the killing of his wife Catherine in December of 2015 resumed Today in Hollidaysburg. Dylan Huberman was among the gallery at the Blair County Courthouse.

Today, forensic and serology specialists testified regarding the investigation.

After being labeled a missing person for six months in 2015, Catherine Copley’s body was found in an abandoned garage in June of 2016.

The two experts, both state police employees, discussed Catherine Copley’s shoes and her hands.

The Serologist deemed the shoes possible sources of DNA, and they were sent to forensics.

There, the forensic specialist said that cuttings of shoelaces and the tongues from the shoes revealed a quote unquote major contributor…and that was Michael Copley.

Also, she revealed that DNA from underneath Catherine’s fingernails were connected to Michael once again.

An appalling moment also took place: a woman who was at a small gathering in 2018, one of which she claims Michael Copley attended, testified that she asked him directly at the event if he killed his wife.

He allegedly replied quote unquote that expletive got what she deserved, which sent Catherine’s mother to the door and left her sister in tears.

However, defense attorney Richard Corcoran claimed his client was already imprisoned at the time of this alleged gathering.

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