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Conrad Building Demolition Update

Complaints have been filed with Environmental Protection Agencies in both Pennsylvania and Ohio regarding a building demolition that took place in Johnstown last summer.

Nicole Fuschino tells us why.

Johnstown resident and former city council member Charlene Stanton recently filed a complaint with the PA DEP and Ohio EPA citing demolition dangers.

The city of Johnstown hired Steel Valley Contractors and CSI Construction which are now facing penalties

Stanton says they mishandled asbestos waste and left bricks in the nearby river.

The PA DEP says Today the parties failed to follow the national emission standards for hazardous air pollutants notification requirements for demolition of asbestos which are critical to ensuring
protection of the public health and safety from the dangers of asbestos.

Officials also say they’re evaluating enforcement options.

“The contractor was in charge of all the aspects of the demo and making sure the cleanup and everything were done. The construction company and the demolition company was ultimately responsible for all aspects of that.”

“They need to be more responsible. When you demo a building, it’s not, let’s just go knock it down and that’s that. And the city has an obligation to provide for the health, safety, and welfare of
its residents.”


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