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College Football Playoffs Update

For years many around College Football have been begging the Committee to consider expanding the Playoff field past the customary 4 Teams we have seen since its inception and we thought this might be coming in the near future. However, on Friday the Committee dropped a bomb on the future of the Playoffs. And by bomb, we mean there will be no change. Four Teams it is for at least the next four years, which is a giant let down to many around the sport. Look forward to narrow misses again and Teams making their case to be in after being excluded.

Statement by Bill Hancock, Executive Director of the College Football Playoff Committee on Friday:
“The CFP Board of Managers met via video conference yesterday, as a follow-up to a video meeting earlier this week conducted by the CFP Management Committee. The Board of Managers has accepted a recommendation from the Management Committee to continue the current four-team playoff for the next four years, as called for in the CFP’s original 12-year plan. At the same time, the Board expects the Management Committee to continue its discussions of a new format that would go into effect for the 2026-27 season.”

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