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Cold Stream Dam Renovations

Yesterday evening, the Phillipsburg Borough Council opted to make their pursuit of a DCNR grant towards creating a campground at Coldstream Dam official Dylan Huberman was at the meeting and spoke to borough officials shortly after. Just expanding an existing park, give him more opportunities for different types of recreation.

After Monday night’s Phillipsburg Borough Council meeting, brush areas located by the soccer fields at the Coldstream Dam recreation area will soon be converted into campground
,and the surrounding area, including Coldstream itself, won’t be disturbed in the process.

“We’re not changing anything.It’s dirt, it’s still going to be dirt. It’s we’re putting gravel in the same thing. It’s going to be better. It’s getting rid of some inhabiting a bad area where things go on at night and putting in some lights and letting people enjoy the stream, the fish and the kayaking and everything that happens down there, the more the local response seems to be positive.”

Some residents have questioned the timbering going on nearby, but the borough manager says that’s unrelated to this project

“Where the project is located. There won’t even be a tree cut down or the project is located. It’s already used for recreation in that area. Part of it was already a parking lot. Actually, part of it’s part of the soccer field. The other part is already a parking area”

And Watson says a DCNR grant is vital to the project.

“Something that we can’t kind of just handle on our own is to get power into there stuff roughly around $100,000 plus or minus to get get power under there. So without grant funding, it’s probably something that we wouldn’t wouldn’t really pursue.”

The project would bring financial and recreational benefits to the region. But Watson says cleaning up the area is a strong positive. It’d be easier to keep it clean because now it can be. It can be policed and regulated.

There’s a lot of activity that goes on out there just because it’s not lighted. It’s not, you know, it’s kind of out of the way

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