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Coalport Saved by Act of Service

Now to a Story we’ve been following out of Clearfield County as one Borough facing several financial issues was at risk of losing thousands of dollars from the State. Fortunately, they found themselves receiving more than they expected after an act of service from one woman.

Paul Zupich, Coalport Borough Council President, says the Borough was at stake of losing $26,000 in liquid fuels payments from the state. He says they had until June 25th to meet outstanding requirements in order to receive that money. Those requirements consisted of submission of forms and correcting previous audits. But thanks to Kathryn McCusker, a tax agent out of Carlisle Pennsylvania, Coalport received more than expected.

McCusker saying: “I did their payroll for ’19 and ’20 and there were problems in previous years ’18 and ’17 and the State wanted me to run some forms filed for different quarters and that’s what helped release the funds.” Coalport received $94,000 in liquid fuels from the State. McCusker says it took several hours to get this done. McCusker adding: “I did all of their payroll recording reports for two years to make sure that they were getting back on track where they needed to be. But they still have previous years that need to be dealt with.”

McCusker says this isn’t her first time working with the borough. In the past, she helped them out with payroll but she didn’t want to take on the position full time because of the long distance. She calls this an act of service. McCusker adding: “I charged them for some of it but then I began to realize that they couldn’t’ afford to pay me for all the time that I put in so I just thought well I won’t charge them. But one of the people up there called me the other day and said ‘well we insist on paying you something’ so I gave them a low ball figure.”

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