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Coach Tomlin Tuesday

“It’s the end of it, I dozed off. I knew I had a workday waiting on me or assumed that I had a workday waiting on me. I think at one point Oakland was up by 15 and that number made you
somewhat comfortable. I’m probably better off not having watched it.”

Good evening. Not sure how one could pull that off, given the magnitude of the Chargers Raiders game in terms of the Steelers playoffs lives being at stake.

Head coach Mike Tomlin upholds that he did indeed fall asleep is the fate of his team was hanging in the balance Sunday night and a tie would have meant they were out.

But Daniel Carlson’s right leg is money and the rest is history. The Raiders won. As for Sunday’s wild card matchup in Kansas City, Tomlin acknowledged that there are challenges playing a team twice
within a short span.

But he also went on to say things will be run a little bit differently this time around against the insanely talented Kansas City Chiefs.

You combine that with the fact that the games in Arrowhead, one of the toughest and loudest venues in all professional football, the nearly two touchdown underdog Steelers are going to have their work cut

out for them. But don’t expect them to just go with the same type of scheme and expect different results.

Head coach Mike Tomlin said today may seem subtle to the naked eye, but there will be changes.

“The changes are subtle for those that aren’t in our business. The changes are significant for those that are not only changes that we make, but changes that they make when you’re watching the game at home through the lens of the television camera. It might not be significant, but the things that you do in these match ups, the alterations that you make in terms of concepts that you employ, whether it’s offensive concepts or defensive concepts are
very significant and particularly in situational football, possession downs, Red Zone, two minute, etc..”

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