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Coach Tomlin Speaks Out

Pittsburgh Steelers players like Minkah Fitzpatrick and Joe Sherbert and now head coach Mike Tomlin have suggested in recent weeks that the practice approach might need to be tinkered with, in fact, as early as today.

Tomlin reiterated that point said he’s open to any and all change that’ll get things back on track, but nothing too drastic now a second year wideout. Chase Claypool

“Well, I’ll just describe it this way. He suggested a bit of a different route yesterday. He said maybe practices need to be kept low light, play some music on hills because during warmups for games, players tend to be more relaxed when there’s music playing and dancing and keeping things like that”

So when asked how he feels about that type of thing, Tomlin has kept a pretty short and sweet.

He’s going to stick to coaching, and Claypool is going to stick to catching balls .

“Mike Claypool suggested yesterday that he would like to have more fun at practice, maybe play some music.
I’m suggesting you’re not going to oblige his request. Well, you know, Claypool plays while out and I’ll let him do that. I’ll formulate the practice approach. And I think that division of labor.”


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