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Clearfield Love the Bus Program

And Clearfield County spent the day thanking their bus drivers, Clearfield Elementary students participated in a Love the Bus campaign presented by PennDOT and state police.

The program highlights the importance of bus drivers and how to make sure they can do their jobs the best in a straight line coming.

“The main focus is is to ensure that they get back and forth to wherever they’re going safely. I mean, at some point in any school career, whether it’s to and from school, any outside activity, school related, they’re going to be on a school bus.”

“So even those lockers when they ride back to school, were picked up by family members. It doesn’t matter. At some point in your school career, they’re going to ride a bus”

And he also says that drivers are reminded that according to state law, you must stop at least ten feet away from buses with their red lights flashing and their stop arm extended.

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