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Clearfield / Elk /Jefferson County Elections

Jefferson County officials said Tuesday’s presidential election went smooth with little to no hiccups calling it one of their best elections yet.

“Our election process here in Jefferson County went pretty much flawless, we had a great group of people opening the envelopes and doing that process we had people doing the scanning,” said Jeff Pisarcik, Jefferson County Commissioner.

Jeff Pisarcik said the county had roughly 4,500 mail in and absentee ballots which were all counted by 3:30 Tuesday afternoon

“Everyone’s tired, we’re cleaning up moving stuff where it needs to be moved for the official count people,” he said.

Pisarcik said this was the biggest election he’s been involved in in 17 years.

Clearfield County also had their fair share of ballots with nearly 10,000.

The county commissioners said they finished counting the majority of those ballots Tuesday night, and finished the rest today.

Amid the country divide, many cities including New York and Pittsburgh boarded up businesses in fear of civil unrest.

In light of that, Pisarcik said there’s been a lot of collaboration between PEMA, FEMA and the 911 center.

“They’re ready if it happens, pray to God it doesn’t. There’s no reason for it, we do this every four years,” he said.

Elk County also had a big day yesterday.

“We counted 3,746 yesterday,” said Kimberly Frey, Elk County Elections Director.

Kimberly Frey said it was a long day but it went well. She says they finished counting the ballots at 2:30 Tuesday afternoon,

“This is unprecedented in any election that I’ve ever done, and I’ve been doing this a while,” she said.

Pisarcik said they’re getting ready for the official count of the ballots on Friday.


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