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Clearfield County Jail Renovation Work

Clearfield County is contracting ABM industries to renovate the county jail at a cost of $9.3 million.

“It’s known that the jail hasn’t been maintained probably how it should have been,” said Clearfield County Commissioner Dave Glass.

From roof leaks to a failing HVAC system, Glass said it’s due time to renovate the county jail.

He said ABM projects they’ll save $2 million throughout the years in energy savings, “There are no change order or cost over runs to the county so we know what we’re going to pay if they run into problems and it costs them more than that’s on them.”

Out of the $9.3 million, Glass said $1.4 million is covered by American Rescue Act funds and the additional $8 million will be financed by the county.

“The county essentially has no debt the only way you can fix these buildings and keep them properly maintained is to take on some debt,” he explained.

The county is already spending thousands of dollars in overtime hours to combat the surging population at the jail.

But Glass said they won’t need to raise taxes to cover these costs, “We are still spending overtime because the jail is pretty packed and that’s to me even more of a reason to make sure that the facility is safe.”

This project is expected to be finished by next June.

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