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Clearfield County Fire Update

Yesterday afternoon, a fire destroyed a Clearfield County home, killing the family’s two dogs, and their cat has yet to be located. But in the face of such tragedy, a local business has stepped up to help alleviate some of the stress.

Our Dylan Huberman has more.

JC’s Bar and Grill in Cooper Township is accepting donations of any and all goods to help the Clark family recover from this terrible event.

“They’re broken. They’re sad. They’re glad all the kids and everybody’s OK. But very sad over losing their pets.”

This was the scene outside the Clark family’s home Tuesday, as smoke can be seen despite the rainy conditions today, the home reduced to a pile of char.

The garage was spared from the blaze, but JC’s bar and grill just steps away from the driveway on Kylertown Drifting Highway in Cooper Township, is trying to help this family

“We’re just trying to get as much necessities as they can get to them right now. Clothing, obviously was a big thing because they didn’t. They lost everything but the clothing
they had on”

And after posting on Facebook Donations have poured in thick and fast.

“Pretty awesome to see the support they have gotten. And there was a lot in there like the whole one side of our bar area is pretty much full because we’re probably going to
move stuff to our back room just so people aren’t tripping of falling over what has been brought in”

Gabrielle Schultz, a bartender at JC’s and a friend of the family, says donations are coming from afar as well.

“Yeah, the dining room is full of donations right now. I actually had a family bring a bunch of canned goods and nonperishable items, along with food clothing items down from
State College Area to my house, and I brought them over today.”

Schultz also told me about a Go Fund Me page. A relative started as well.

“I know the GoFundMe is going pretty low. Last I look, they raise a little over 9000 on the go fund me.”

And as far as JC’s goes, Batcho says helping is members of the community is basically a reflex.

“We’re very happy to help them rebuild. We’ve always tried to help the community and different things. There has been two other houses that have burnt down in the area that we
have done a spaghetti dinner for the one and a drive like this for the other ones. So we like to try to help the community as much as we can.”

In case you can’t make it to JC’s, just search Clark family on I’m Dylan Huberman.

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