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Clearfield County Election Concerns

On Tuesday, the Clearfield County Commissioners wrote a letter to Governor Wolf calling for an amendment to Act 77.

Governor Wolf passed Act 77, an election reform bill that included new mail in voting.

But according to the commissioners, changes need to be made before November’s election.

“The big issue we have is that we need more time to process these mail in ballots, the way the law reads now we can’t open the envelopes until election day,” said Dave Glass, Clearfield County Commissioner.

Dave Glass said they had 6,000 mail ins to count in the spring and they’re expecting a bigger load in November.

“We had everything done by about 11:00 that night but it was close,” said John Sobel, Clearfield County Commissioner.

“It’s just very helpful if we can open them, flatten them so we can actually tabulate them on election day,” said Glass.

John Sobel said there are other duties that come along with election night, other than counting the ballots.

He said they’re asking for a week in advance to pre-canvas the ballots.

“I can personally speak for six other counties in the north central area that all shared the same concerns. Elk didn’t even open their results until the next day because they just had so many other things going on,” Glass said.

The commissioners also don’t agree with the Governor’s decision to count ballots that are postmarked by November 3rd and received by November 6th.

They say it’ll take even longer to count the ballots and the results won’t be available on election night.

The Governor’s office released this statement that said, “Governor Wolf continues to urge immediate legislative action to ensure voters receive their mail-in ballots early and give counties more time to process and count ballots before election day.”

To help them and you out, the commissioners give this advice.

“Send in their mail in as early as possible, as fast as they get it they should just mail it out,” said Tony Scotto, Clearfield County Commissioner

As of this afternoon, the commissioners said they haven’t heard back from the governor.


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