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Clearfield Co. CYFS Shortage

According to the Clearfield County commissioners, the county’s Children Youth and Family Services Department is understaffed and overworked.

Normally they have 16 case workers but right now they have 10.

Commissioner John Sobel said they’re also down to three case worker supervisors and at the end of the month they’ll be down to two.

“The case worker supervisors as well as the director are having to step back in the realm of case workers and pick up case loads and do caseworker duties because they’re just aren’t enough case worker duties to go around,” said Sobel.

Commissioner Dave Glass said there’s a lot of factors that could attribute to this worker shortage.

“Obviously the pandemic was tough on everybody and CYS workers still had to continue to work so there was a lot of stress, now you got pandemic stress on top of it,” he said.

Glass said the case worker supervisors are being paid extra as they handle a heavier workload but they hope they can fill in the gaps soon.

“Hopefully we will get more folks on soon, of course they are going to have to train but we’re not planning on having this situation any longer than we can all possibly have it existing,” said Sobel.

The commissioners said they are going to review the situation every 30 days.

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