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Clearfield and Lawrence Township Police Merger

There was a meeting held last night in Clearfield County as Clearfield and Lawrence Township look into merging their Police Departments. The Clearfield Borough Mayor Mason Strouse says both Departments have had issues with hiring and maintaining staff, citing that as a major instigator for this proposal.

Supervisors and Council Members say the hope is for the new Clearfield Regional Police Department to be up and running by January 2023. They say all of the Police Officers on the new force will be full time, and that this will allow for more Officers to be on the streets at once. The new combined Department is also planning on hiring a Detective in the future.

Lawrence Township Supervisor Jeremy Ruffner saying: “From a public safety stand point, not only will our Officers be better protected, but they’ll have more of each of them to protect each other. They’ll have quicker response time to different areas and it will be able to have more protection for he community itself.”

Officials say this has been talked about for several years, but is now coming to fruition. The new combined Police Department will be housed at the current Lawrence Township Municipal Building on Route 879. And the current Clearfield Borough Police Department facility in Clearfield will close.

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