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City Council Meeting

Wednesday night, Johnstown City council officially adopted the general fund budget for 2021, with revenue estimated to be $14.8 million. Finance director, Bob Ritter says there is one significant change which helped make this budget possible.

“The main thing that put the city in a fairly good financial state was the sale of the sewer system to the water authority,” said Ritter. “And what that did was gave us extra money to spend on repairs and maintenance and replacing equipment that there really hasn’t been money in the past to do,” he added.

Another change in next year’s budget is an increase in funding for the Johnstown Police Department. Including a grant from the US Department of Justice’s Office of Community oriented policing services hiring program. The grant will increase the city’s number of officers from 38 to 40.

“The city was fortunate enough to receive a $250,000 grant award to help us hire two additional officers over a period of three years. Now with that grant it does require matching funds which the city had budgeted for,” said City of Johnstown’s community and economic development director, John Dubnansky.

According to city officials, this year has made a big difference for the city financially, despite the hardships which came with 2020.

“You know despite the pandemic year and a lot of municipalities losing a lot of revenue, with great work from city council and the directors and led by Bob, the city has been able to have a really good hold on the finances here to be at a level where we are going to have a balanced budget going into next year without any tax increase,” said Dubanksy.

The next city council meeting will be held on December 9, 2020.

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