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Christmas Tree Shortage

This year, it seems a bit harder than usual to find the perfect Christmas Tree. We visited some local Tree Farms to find out where all the trees have gone. This year you might have to settle for a fake tree. There’s a Christmas Tree shortage across the Nation and it’s not because of the Pandemic.

Painter Pines Christmas Tree Farm and Rays Nurseries in Cambria County have had a not-so-jolly time finding Christmas Trees to sell as the entire Nation faces a Christmas Tree shortage, but why the low supply? Raymond Walyko tell us: “People start planting this year and 6 years from now they’ll be plenty of trees again, but right now we’re in a low cycle.” Christmas Trees can take 10 or more years to grow. Painter Pines is experiencing that cycle firsthand. The Tree Farm is usually open for a month, but only had enough Trees to last them one day of business. Rays Nurseries was able to get about 1,000 Trees to sell, but they say they’re going fast.

Both businesses hope next year there will be more Trees to go around. You may have also noticed your Christmas Tree was a little pricier this year than last. That’s also a result of the shortage.

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