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Child Abuse Case

A Centre County woman is sentenced to a state prison in a child abuse case that a doctor says has left the young victim with nearly no chance of having a meaningful recovery.

During her sentencing hearing Thursday in Centre County court, Mindy Sue Jackson’s struggles with mental health issues were part of the testimony.

But also testifying was a doctor from Geisinger Health who said the infant abused by Jackson, suffered severe brain injuries that’s left her in a near vegetative state.

The case dates back almost two years, Aug. of 2019, the young victim was then just two months old. Police accused Jackson of slapping and choking the baby, along with bouncing her in what’s termed an “aggressive manner.”

In court, Jackson apologized, saying she’s very sorry, and she thinks of the child every day.

But the prosecutor said Jackson’s abuse has amounted to a death sentence for the child.

Jackson was ordered to spend six and a half to 18 years in a state prison.

In referring to the counseling, Jackson has received since being jailed, Judge Brian Marshall said “for the first time in her life, she is getting help she’s needed. It’s sad that it’s happening at the Centre County Prison.”

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