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Charges in Death of Clearfield Infant

Two parents in Clearfield County are facing charges after the death of their 39-day old infant daughter. According to court documents, Dakota Canfield and Alexa Kephart lived in trailer home in Penn Township Clearfield County. The Court Documents say that both parents shared a bed with their 22 month old son and 39 day old infant daughter. Around 10am on July 1st, authorities say Canfield and Kephart found their 39 day old infant laying down on her mom’s chest covered in a blanket unconscious and blue. Ryan Sayers, Clearfield County District Attorney says: “Per the autopsy law enforcement learned that the cause of death was a overlay or smothering of the child.” Authorities say both parents were under the influence of Meth-amphetamines and “The child was born either addicted to or high on meth-amphetamines, that was in the child’s blood at birth.”

According to court documents, the Clearfield County Children and Youth Services had an open case with the parents that began at the time the victim was born. The court documents say Kephart said she tested positive for having Methamphetamine and Amphetamines when she gave birth to the victim. They also say that CYS said Kephart tested positive another time since giving birth. The court documents go on to say that both parents were subject to a drug screening where they both tested positive for drugs including Meth, Amphetamines, and Ecstasy. Sayers adding: “That would be up to CYS to state why the child was still there, whether it was maybe there visitation or the child was in the home because they were clean for a period of time. I don’t know.”

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