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Centre Relief Funding

In Centre County: a new round of funding help for the Small Business Community was announced Tuesday morning. This latest program making $3 Million available in Pandemic Relief Funding. It is open to almost all businesses in Centre County. The application process began Tuesday on a First Come-First Served basis.

Centre County’s Small Business Grants Program will provide funding to County-based businesses with less than 500 Full Time Employees, and the Grant Money can be used for any operating expenses. With Grants awarded in $2,000 increments, an estimated 300 businesses could benefit. Centre County Commissioner Mark Higgins saying: “So it will be a substantial fraction of businesses in Centre Co. it will be open to all businesses, not just hospitality of lodging, retail, manufacturing…”

Centre County’s economy coming back to life with the busiest time just weeks away. Higgins saying: “We also talked to some of the small businesses, and said look we don’t have unlimited funding, but what kind of money would help you prepare for football season? A lot of the numbers were in the 5,10,15 Thousand Dollar range.”

The Business Grant funding coming from the Federal American Rescue Plan. Centre County is receiving $31 Million from that program. With this latest round of funding, Centre County Government has now Administered close to $10 Million in COVID-19 Impact Relief Funding.

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