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Centre County Testing Site

Centre County announced an extension for the COVID testing site at the Center County Recycling and Refuse Authority Interpretive Center.

It is now going to remain open through at least February 12th. Dylan Huberman has more

Fortunately, case counts have continued to descend over the last few weeks.

Commissioner Pipe says that makes testing even more important.

“We’re seeing a reduction in cases right now. It’ll be even more critical for folks who aren’t feeling right to get tested, so eventually really get to a more manageable level with this
pandemic. The trajectory is good.

Pipe says the facility has been a blessing.

“The testing site that we’ve had here in partnership with the Department of Health has really enabled residents. If we’re not feeling well or they’re asymptomatic, they just want to get
checked out of an abundance of caution. They can go to this site, wait a few minutes, get tested, get get the results and in a few days, it’s really helping our cases manageable.”

And although Center County wasn’t part of the DOHC long term care regional support site plan, Pipe says this facility will still make a difference,

“Helps our hospital help our health care workers If we can get people who are asymptomatic, tested and in isolation of who test positive is going to be better for everybody.

As for any potential further extensions from the DOHC, we’re going to work with them to see where the future takes us and our state would be if they’re not extended.

“We’d like some notice on that. We were able to talk with the acting secretary, talked about the importance of the testing site. We had a commitment from then for an extension coming into
February. Again, we’re going to work with the Department of Health, the seats, we’re going to extend it again.That will be close contact with them as we go forward.”

The facility is located at 253 Transfer Road just off of West College Avenue in State College.

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