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Centre County Solar Co-op

The Centre County Solar Co-op through Solar United Neighbors will conclude their Sign-Up period on January 31st, but if you haven’t yet joined, it isn’t too late to go solar.

Dylan Huberman spoke with members of the Co-op to hear why they’re going solar. Dylan.

Solar power has benefits for the environment and also has long term benefits for your wallet.

“It’ll lower your electricity bills and pretty dramatically.” For some, it could be savings for more than a decade.

“The warranty on what we’re getting is 25 years and the payoff is ten years. So you’ve got 15 years where you know you’re not going to be paying very much for electricity.
So economically, it makes sense.”

The downside is it’s a hefty cost up front.

“The average sized residential installation is still around seven and a half kilowatts at the prices we tend to see with our solar co-ops. That’s around $20,000 for that kind of average
sized installation.”

But McKay says such an investment in the Co-op also has some potentially serious financial perks down the line.

“You can also get an electric vehicle charger installed at your home through the Co-op. Some people will just get the charger, either because that’s all they want, or maybe they already
have solar at home. And there’s unsurprisingly, a lot of overlap between people who like solar and people who like electric cars.
And they really work well together. When you’re when you have an electric car that you, you’re charging at your home from your solar panels.
That is a really cheap fuel you’re driving on.”

Others join the Co-op for the environmental benefits.

“Global warming and climate change is one of the biggest crises that we are challenged with at this point. And it’s one thing that we, as homeowners and individuals can do to make a

In going solar doesn’t mean you have to completely leave the traditional electric grid.

“About 50 to 60% of our energy needs. Yeah, we still would be on the grid. In fact, most solar installments still stay on the grid”

And not sure about the technical ins and outs. No problem.

“They did a site visit and explained where the panels would go, how they’d run the wiring and how it hooks up to the grid. So we’re very comfortable with, you know, what’s planned and are
looking forward to watching our meter run backwards.”

To sign up, visit Solar United Neighbors dot org slash Center County by Monday.

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