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Centre County Snow Emergency

Tough go on roadways across our region, including in State College, where a snow emergency has been in effect since Sunday night.

Dylan Huberman has more on that from Center County tonight dealing. The bureau has opted to extend it overnight.

Now the emergency will be in place for a while, and the bureau has said that they feel it will help keep everyone safe.

“The snow, she’s going to remain, in fact, overnight so that our public works crews can remove the snow that is piled up as as they cleared the main roadways.”

“This will ensure the parking of parking lanes and the turning lanes throughout our town are clean and safe for everyone.”

The borough’s emergency prohibits street parking, but Doug Short says there are still parking alternatives.

“Downtown parking garages, there’s parking lots, the surface logs which are being cleared right now and throughout the day.”

Those are going to be your best shot of of parking if you need to visit one of our downtown stores or or restaurants. Sean says the community has followed this rule to a tee. Really, the community has as responded well to the snow emergency.

“We really want to thank everyone that helped us out and and removed your card from the roadway. We haven’t had to take it or tell anyone which is always which is always a positive.
That just means that we have a lot of local cooperation.”

Any praise the borough’s public works department for their planning and their crews for making major roads passable. These storms, it’s always, you know, you look at what’s predicted versus what’s happening. You do your best to plan. And I think we just were really fortunate with this one.

And our public works crews deserve all the kudos for the round-the-clock work they did to keep our roadways clear and safe. Shots did not provide an estimate as to when the emergency will be lifted in Center County.

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